the look of love: allie barrett and ryan keating by shxpir for harper's bazaar china february 2016

models: allie barrett (request) and ryan keating (soulartist)
photographer: shxpir
stylist: xiao mu fan
hair: gareth bromell (art-dept)
make-up: sun qi

mcqueen of hearts: frida westerlund, clarine de jonge and aia busk by martina hoogland ivanow for porter #13 spring 2016

models: frida westerlund (img), clarine de jonge (women) and aia busk (img)
photographer: martina hoogland ivanow
stylist: helen broadfoot
designer: sarah burton
hair: lyndell mansfield (clm)
make-up: mel arter (clm)
manicure: mike pocock (streeters)

living sculpture: zuzanna bijoch by nagi sakai for vogue paris travel in france spring / summer 2016

model: zuzanna bijoch (img)
photographer: nagi sakai (defactoi)
stylist: france de jerphanion
hair: nabil harlow (defacto)
make-up: miky (b-agency)

aymeline valade by tomas de la fuente for telva february 2016

model: aymeline valade (dna)
photographer: tomas de la fuente
stylist: julia martinez
hair and make-up: jonathan sanchez
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